Elemts of the project

The project was realized in several stages. Regional actors have participated in conferences and workshops with different topics in Strasbourg, Helsinki and Mannheim. All events were organized, accompanied, prepared and followed up by representatives of the Council of Churches. The results were brought together in spring 2023 and the Guidelines for Wellbeing of digitalized societies and workplaces were created, based on all the insights gained from the workshops.

On this page, the project team would like to create transparency about the development process and the involvement of stakeholders. Below you will find summarized information on the content of the individual workshops, any programs of the workshops that took place, as well as impressions of coming together and working together towards a common goal.

Conference Strasbourg

The first joint conference on the project took place over three days from March 10th to 12th of 2022 in Strasbourg (France).

The aim of the conference was to stimulate ethical reflection through multi-perspective discussions. Insights were provided on the latest proposals of the EU Commission and discuss good and best practices in different European countries in the areas of e-commerce, e-government and strengthening neighborhood relations. This information was linked to theological positions, thus enabling an ethical discussion between project participants and Members of the European Parliament.

Workshop Helsinki

The second event was a two-day workshop in Helsinki (Finland) on November 29th-30th of 2022.

The workshop focused on the impact of digitalization on society and the world of work. The workshop provided a framework for presentations and discussions on digital development and the future challenges in the EU. How is digitalization changing lives, work, and communities? How does it challenge our values and ethics? How can digitalization be made sustainable on all three levels of economy, ecology, and social life?

Workshop Mannheim

The last workshop was held in Mannheim (Germany) on January 9th of 2023.

On this day, the dependency between the well-being of society and the working world on digital solutions was presented and discussed. Which decisions can lead to sustainable development on all three levels: Economy, Ecology and Social Life? The core of the workshops was, among other things, the presentation of various projects that use digitalization in a sustainable way in Germany and Finland to strengthen social relationships between people and not create new divisions. The use of “Green IT” was also presented.


Pictures will be added soon.

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